Steps On How To Apply Vinyl Wall Art

Often, we might consider vinyl removable wall art for our walls. Vinyl wall art basically involves the usage of the suitable stickers on the wall, according to our whims and fantasies. Many individuals tend to consider these steps quite easy and begin the vinyl wall art, without referring some informative materials on how to apply vinyl wall art.


Important considerations for applying vinyl wall art
Personally, I love vinyl wall art from wall sticker australia and I wanted to use it everywhere I would love in my house. Keeping this in mind, I was well prepared and consulted a lot of journals and magazines, which could educate me about how to apply vinyl wall art. The first thing, what I saw was that, the walls need to be painted using water paints and not the oil paints. The vinyl wall art might not gel well with the oil paints.


Stuff your impatience
As soon as I got my walls painted with some water paints, I wanted to add vinyl wall art immediately to my walls. Later, I was educated by one of my friends that, the newly painted walls need to be provided for a span of at least 2 weeks, before using vinyl wall art on it. This was important information, which was not quite available in various how to apply vinyl wall art journals.


Steps in applying vinyl wall art
The first thing I did was to clean my wall with the help of a sponge. Even though, my wall is newly painted, it needs to be cleaned with a sponge, to ensure there are no small dust particles on the wall. Since, the construction work in my house was just complete, there was a lot of dust on my wall. So, it required thorough cleaning.

People also recommend use of alcohol for cleaning the wall. The sponge may be rubbed off by small amounts of alcohol, before cleaning. It is important to wait for some time till the wall is dry, when you use alcohol or similar reagents.


Removing the tapes and pasting
The vinyl art stickers consist of tapes behind. It is important to carefully remove the tapes behind. Some of the vinyl wall art stickers, I purchased, were worth thousands of dollars and I certainly didn’ t want it to go waste, because of the negligence. Hence, I referred further more materials on how to apply vinyl wall art many with physical demonstration. I then, carefully removed the tapes and pasted it on my walls, as I had planned for. The appearance of the wall after this was worth the pain I had taken.


When someone designs a garment, building, machine, or other object, they plan it and make a detailed drawing of it from which it can be built or made. Yes, these designers may design a clothes, a building, a machine or other things as long as they could make. That is the way this behavior changes our lives, and also our whole world. We may probably say that it is design that makes our world and builds up our lives. Without design, we will be living in a monotonous world. As for architecture, we may regard it as the reflection of the talent of those great designers. In a sense, the architecture is somehow the babies of them. They give birth to them, and make them known by the world.

1Many great architectures are famous enough to be acknowledged as the landmarks of the local, and even their country. And today, I want to talk about some of them, some of the landmarks, or let’s call them the symbols of the local.

2To start with, let’s draw our eyes to the most tallest building in the world. I bet all of you have guessed out what it is, and yes you are definitely right! It is Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai of the United Arab Emirates. It was designed by the American architect Adrian Smith from the Chicago Company. The Burj Khalifa Tower is 828 meters high with 162 floors and is ranked as the highest building in the world. The building has been completed in the January 4th, 2010 with the manufacturing cost of 1.5 billion dollars. Inside the Burj Khalifa Tower, you will find any other facilities such as luxurious apartments, clothing stores, swimming pools, hot spring clubs, high grade personal hibusiness suite as well as the viewing deck on the 124th floor to overlook the whole viewpoint of the city.

Then, let’s turn our eyes to America. I want to talk about the architecture that is not that famous but is really taller. It is located in Chicago, and its name is the Willis Tower, or you may call it the Sears Tower. It was completed in the year 1974 and just took 2 years to finish its construction. The main purpose of this great building is used for office, and it was designed by SOM Architect ’ s Office. It is 442.3 meters tall, and has 108 stores on the floor and 3 underground. The Sears Tower was the tallest skyscraper at one time after its completion, and had kept this title for up to 25 years. While now, the Sears Tower is also looked as the landmark of Chicago.

3The feeling of standing on the top of these buildings must be cool, and also the feeling of looking these outstanding building jumping up is also quite awesome. That is the charm of the design and the wisdom of these great designers. Thank you!

DIY Pallet Decors For Your Interior

DIY has soon become one of the most welcomed lifestyle once it comes up. With the great wisdom of the human beings, there springs up numerous ideas about DIY for the home improvement. DIY interior decors reflect the way people live their lives, as well as show the great talent and brilliance of them. Nowadays, everyone believe that DIY have changed our lives, and made them more beautiful, colorful and fantastic.

1I guess that the DIY fanciers definitely know the pallets which are one of the most popular DIY resource in recent times. The pallet is originally a flat wooden or metal platform on which goods are stored so that they can be lifted and moved using a forklift truck. While now, under the amazing imagination of the human beings, they are able to turn these ordinary pallets into many awesome interior decors or settings.

2The pallets can be easily turned into a set of sofa, or just an armchair, with some beautiful or colorful addition to it, such as some DIY sofa cushions made by some waste cloth or other useless stuff. As we all know that, DIY is such a kind of lifestyle that make the things useless become useful again in life.

3Also, pallets can still be made into different shapes of tables or tea tables. You may apply them in your living rooms as well as your dining areas for your families to have meals. Pallet tables are much firmer than other tables and they can even be made into different patterns and styles according to your own preference.

4It must be so cool if you have a bar at your house made by pallets. It is not only so countryside style, but also very pleasant as you may have a drink with your friends at any moment at your own space.

5What’s more, pallet shelves are also one of the best DIY ideas used pallets to complete. Many people are really fond of books and will enjoy reading in their own space every time when they are tired of the outside world. If you have such a DIY pallet book shelf in your room, don’t you think it will be much better? Additionally, the pallet can not just be made into a book shelf, but any other type of shelves you can imagine. Just roll your brains and think about it! A shelf that will hold your keys, or hang up your clothes. All these DIY pallet things call for your talent.

7All in all, DIY pallet decors or furniture have become more and more welcome not only because they are in various styles and patterns, but also for it is really an environmentally friendly way to live. So just invite some pallets to your house and make it better with them.

Decoration Tips For Children’s Room

It is well known by all that children is the hope of a family, and even of our nation and the whole world. They are soft, tender and more vulnerable, so we should pay more attention to them, especially to their growing up. And talking about their growing up, the ambiance they are living in is quite important and will definitely influence their growth. It is the duty of their parents to build up a kind, warm healthy and comfortable space for them to grow up happily. So today I want to write something about the decoration tips for the children’s room.

1To begin with, I want to talk about the tips of which should be fist considered when you are going to decorate your children’s room. That is the safety problem and practicability. Since the children, especially the little children are lively, and would like to climb up and down, the safety problem is quite important. When you are planning to decorate your children’s room or to renovate an old room for your future baby, make sure that there is no sharp furniture or corners in the room, or any other settings that may hurt the tender babies are also not allowed in the room.

Then, talking about the practicability, you are to first consider about the function your children’s room will maintain. As we all know, children are always spending most of their time sleeping, playing and studying in their own space, so we could start from these elements.

5To sleep, pick up the comfortable and suitable bed and beddings for them. And bed should not have bad influence to their growth of the body. Too soft or too hard is both unqualified.

4And for playing, I would like to set the nursery room for example. As we all know, babies like to climb up and down, so we may leave a relatively larger space for them to act and learn to walk. And you may especially design an area for them to play or act. Also, it is known all over the world that children love playing, so you may leave a special place for them to set their toys or even build up a toy castle for them.

In addition, as for studying, you may apply a black chalkboard wall decal on the wall for your kids to write on the wall. The chalkboard is usually in cartoon style and the children will definitely love this cute thing, and it will surely stimulate their interest in learning.

Anyway, when talking about the kids thing, there is more that should be taken into consideration. But the most important thing is that we should make it clear what is the best appropriate for your children. And then things will be easy soon.

Make Your Walls Live

With the fast advancement of our living standard, we tend to pursue a relatively comfortable life, and try our best to improve our living ambiance. Thereout, it is driving the growth of the decorating industry. As we all know that, the walls are always taking up almost as two thirds as the usable area of your house. That is why there has been a large variety of decors for the interior walls for the customers to choose from.

19Traditional wall decors include wallpapers or wall coverings and emulsion varnish. They are both the most frequently used decorating material for the interior walls. While, regardless of the beautiful effect they will show, both of them have more or less something harmful to our bodies. So today I would like to introduce an emerging wall decor for you to make your walls live!

21It is called the vinyl wall art stickers. Compared with those traditional ones, vinyl wall art stickers are all made of vinyl just as its name implies. It is a kind of chemical group that is widely applied in our living goods. So you do not need to worry about the safety problem. No matter you are to decorate your nursery, or the room for the elders, they are definitely the best choice of the decorating material for the walls. Being made of vinyl, these wall art stickers are completely removable. If you are tired of the pattern of the sticker on the wall, you just peel it off and there will be nothing left for your walls.

23What’s more, they can be said the most easiest wall decors in recent years. The installment will not involve so many professional tools such as adhesive tapes and glues since vinyl wall art stickers are totally self-adhesive and suitable for any smooth and non-textured surfaces.

24Vinyl wall art stickers have rapidly won their popularity not only because of its easy installment, being removable and affordable. The various patterns and styles are also the shining point that attracts the customers.


You can easily get a lot of patterns and styles on the Internet or at any vinyl wall sticker’s shop for your own space. Just hear your inner voice or your own preference. If you love the fresh tree and the green leaves, there are plants and flowers wall stickers for you to add to your room. If you would like to pick up a lovely wall sticker for your son, there is a large amount of wall stickers especially designed for kids, which include cute animal stickers, educational stickers and photo frame wall stickers. Besides, I think the best sellers among all is said to be the quote wall stickers. There are many inspirational and motivational quotes which will surely gain you a lot of confidence and courage. Also, bring some family quote wall stickers to your living room, they will bring love and warm to your entire family.

18There is more than I could talk about, but those who have experienced could understand what I want to express. Just try it, and make your walls live! You will definitely not be disappointed!

Decoration Styles For Your Interior House

In the beginning of this post, I would love to start with a question, that is what the first thing you are supposed to consider about when you are planning to decorate your new house or to renovate your old one. And I think the answer is quite obvious. Of course it is to decide the decoration style for your interior house. Since different people own different taste and they are usually under different cultural and artistic backgrounds, there is a large variety of decorating styles in recent times. And now I want to introduce some frequently applied styles for you.


1. Modern Decorating Style
The main feature of this decorating style is the combination of curves and asymmetric lines. This decorating style is trying to make the lines of the house softer and more delicate. It applies to potteries and iron components to get to the exchange between the interior house and the outdoor. Also, this decorating style fully expresses the creativity, the extending of the design thoughts and the talent of the designers. So many people intent to apply this decorating style for the reason that it is more practical and functional.

332. American Rural Decorating Style
This decorating style advocates to go back to the nature and emphasizes on the reflection of natural things. In the American rural decorating style, the designers are trying to make the atmosphere of being comfortable, leisure and natural. Mainly using colorful fabrics and hand-made crafts is another feature of this decorating style in order to add some color and beauty to the interior house. Also, this style is likely to set the furniture in bold color to reflect the classical beauty.

3. European Classical Decorating Style
It is a kind of traditional decorating style which absorbs the art of the Grecian, the Egyptian as well as the Romantic from the formation of the Byzantium art to the declination of the rococo style in the 18th century. And then the former European classical decorating style combined them together to the European classical style now. It got to the peak of the perfection in the Renaissance period. The main features of this decorating style are deep colored, dignified, luxurious and calm. In addition, European classical style emphasizes much attention on the remembering of the history and the olds. You will feel honorable and elegant when living in an European decorating styled house.


The decorating styles for the interior house are more than we could talk about all. But the most important thing is to select the best for your house. So I hope this article could let you know something about the common decorating styles. Thank you!